Why i still shoot film.


Because it gives more, than only digital clicking and looking on the back screen, it slows down, you have to take photographs more carefully.
I’am not an hot shot or a great photographer but i like it very much, to experiment to search for the unexpected in common subjects.
in the early 2000 i went over to digital but lately, last year, i got the viral infection of film and darkroom again.
I took my old canon EOS 30E and made a new analogue restart. It was a journey back in time to rediscover the way of taken images and also to finetune developing, exposure and printing.

Lately i got an opportunity to buy a medium format with 3 lenses and i couldn’t resist and bought the Mamiya 6MF with lenses. Did already some role and the result is stunning, so sharp so easy to use, so much fun to work with.

The slow down process, the process it self and the results are great. It’s a totally different world with much more tones,
the dynamic range is great, depending on how to push and to develop the exposed film delivers a very interesting aspect.
Than there is the grain, sometimes fine and sharp depending on several parameters and chemistry some delivers a very pronounced grain, beautiful in enlargements
On the other hand it take some time to come to results but the joy of an amateur, some one who like something to do, is greater than only click and look on the back of the camera.

I didn’t throw away the digital camera i stil use it als with joy but in another way.

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”
Robert Frank

I enjoy, do you ?



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