Adox CMS 20 in Adotech II

It’s not an easy to use film and it take some while to find the hot spot regarding exposure and development, but when al things come together a wonderful
film with excellent detail and super fine grain, nice contrast and gray tones.
It took several rolls to determine how to use.
Exposed as Iso 12. Determining too a good contrast is critical you need these film to give as low as possible amount of exposure to produce adequate shadow details.
It took me 3 film to achieve this one, did experiments with Ei and developing time.
But still i’am happy with the result, have some stock in the fridge to go further with experiments.

CMS 20 Strijp S001


Odd reflection industrial area Strijp S Eindhoven

Scan of an print.

Pasted Graphic

100 % crop of an 44 * 76 print.

CMS 20 EI 12 Adotech II025-sq

Old steam piping Eindhoven Strijp-S
Adox CMS 20 II in Adotech II

adox cms20018

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