Adox silvermax in Ilford ID11 1+1
Nikon F3 with 35 mm f 2.8

silvermax_ID11 Nikon F3005kopie

silvermax_ID11 Nikon F3006kopie

Adox silvermax developed in silvermax developer

TRI-X FX 39057

Sand plane Son & Breugel near the big lake


Normandy near Dieppe Spring 2017

I’am not convinced that the best performance with this film is achieved with the special Adox Silvermax developer.
The results with Adox Atomal give the same excellent dynamic range but a much finer grain.
see also Emulsive link


Adox Silverman 100 EI 100 developed in Adox Atomal 49

Pasted Graphic

100 % crop of an 20* 30 cm print
Adox Silvermax 100 in Atomal 49

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