Adox silverman EI 100 developed wth Atomal 49.
At this moment the right combination for the Silvermax film.
Great dynamic range, nice fine grain and easy to print on grade 3

Old cooling tower Germany Zollverein in Essen



Experiment with Ilford FP4+ developed in Adox Atomal 49 dilution 1(stock) +2 water @ 20 C 15 min EI 320 , rest of the film exposed as EI 125.
The images below are scans of the negatives.
Looks like a very extremely good developer with a great equalizing and speed utilization power.



Ilford FP4+ EI 125

Is it a a good developer, first results are looking ok, it delivers a very fine grain, great gray tones, modest contrast. feel happy about the results,.
2nd film almost shot, try to reproduce the results for Ilford FP4+, also an Agfa APX 400 ready for development,. last film (HP5+) had to much grain in Adox FX 39


First conclusion after printing, great tonal capacity, dynamic range good, very good details in shadow part,
possible due to high equalizing power of this developer the white tones are a little bit grayish, or i need to adjust the developing time.
Maybe next experiment will show more and other possibilities for this combination.

2nd rol Agfa APX 400 EI 320, missing again the bright white tone, tonal range further oke, good deep blacks but needed grade 4 and stil lacking the bright white.
Developed @ 20 C for 13,5 min in an 1+ 1 Dilution.
possible to adjust the EI toward 400 or 500 ISO.
If density of the object is dark enough it looks good,.9,
maybe next experiment with some under exposure will correct it, if so than i like the developer.

Another experiment, now AGFA PAX 400 with Atomal 49 1+1 EI 400 and looking good on negatives and print, maybe this is the choice i go for with ISO 400 ?

Printed on ADOX MCP 310 grade 3
Schiphol airport 2016

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