What is needed to make an good photograph.

Your eyes to see
Your brain too decide to frame a part of the environment
Your hand to hold the camera,
a camera to make the photograph
Your finger to push the bottom.
Further it would be convenient to have some knowledge about the technical aspects of photography.

The most important is the composition, what is framed and how are the lines, shapes and structures appearing in the frame
The contrast in to your image

Often i see people buy expensive camera’s without any understanding of the above mentioned subjects.
We spend 4000 euro or dollars an nice camera and some expensive lenses and start, the deception wil come and after a while the camera will not be used anymore.
With digital it seems to be easy, just click and look on the back side of the camera !


Learn aspects of exposure settings such as aperture, depth of field and exposure time.
Know the differences between lenses such as wide, standard and tele.
Start simple with for example a standard lens 35 mm or 50 mm.
Make different photo’s with different setting, record these and evaluate later to see whats the best fit for your goal.

If you want only shoot holiday’s and party pictures buy a point to sheet, do you want to be serious with photography
i suggest to buy a cheap second hand film camera and start to learn, even your own processing of the film is easy to do and cheap.

Fuji Neopan 400 shot inside at ISO 800 @ 1/15 of a second f 1.8