Mamiya 6mf 50 mm f 4.0, Ilford FP4+

This summer i went to Villespassans in the south of France Languedoc area.
I had my Mamiya 6 MF with me and loaded with Ilford FP4+.
The weather was great but the light was very hard and a specially at noon.

On the hottest day i took my bag and went to this small village aan took some shots.
The film developed standard in Adox FX 39 for 8,5 min.
The results are great just love this combination for harsh light conditions.

Villespasans 2018036-1

Villespasans 2018033-2

Villespasans 2018032-1

Villespasans 2018031-1

Villespasans 2018035-1

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