The S-Bahn over the river the Wupper in Wuppertal Germany.


A few weeks ago i was lucky, i got from an friend a box with 25 Fuji Neopan 400 135-36 film, date 2006 but always stored in the cooling unit.
This film was pushed towards 800 ISO and developed according in Ilford ID 11 1+1 dilution for 16,5 minutes.
The photo’s are taken with an Canon EOS 30e with a Sigma 35 mm Art 1:1.4
The light conditions in this museum were very poor, i did not expect these result from this film exposed at Iso 800.
Wonderfull grain, tonality and contrast, it’s a pity that Fuji has stopped production of this film.
The film is easy to process even 10 years over due.

Photos taken in the Zinc factory Altenberg Oberhausen Germany





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