Yesterday i was lucky and saw an book of Ansel Adams “ Letters and images 1916-1984 “ with a nice price 10 Euro i bought it.
Ansel Adams i already new some of his work.

A wonderfull frase in this book:

The most significant part of Ansel Adams, the spirit that will long outlive the man, has already been well documented....his photographs.
But the man did more than only photography, he had a passionate need to communicate, he wrote thousands gof letter and postcards to his family, friends, other photographers, and politicians.

When reading his letters a strange feeling is capturing me, honesty, respect, simpel and meaningful, the world is changhed a lot in the last 100 years, is it better ? I can’t say that because i only know the time in with we live.
Could i think, i wish i was there.......Probably in my younger years, now what remains is to enjoy his work written and printed.

The places he called home